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Trixie is a mega squirter that really gushes when she cums.  Her squriting orgasms really are a must see!
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FemFlood is not simply a "squirting" site ... it's all about genuine and unsolicited female ejaculation
and squirting orgasms. Many of the women don't plan on squirting ... it just happens when then climax.
Some squirt for the first time ever - others know they squirt, and they squirt big-time!

Whatever the case, FemFlood is all real - Real Female Ejaculation and Real Orgasmic Squirting.
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Sexy Squirting Orgasm

We are pleased to introduce and welcome 22 year-old, petite, natural breasted, blonde, and fair-skinned Lizzy. Lizzy weighs in at all of 6 stone on her 5' 2" frame. Lizzy's orgasms are always very strong and perfectly visible - she goes multi-orgasmic in two scenes and she even squirts sometimes! Lizzy loves making sure she looks hot and sexy for the camera, too.

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What makes FemFlood so different is that our movies show REAL female ejaculation!
See for yourself ... preview our site for free now!

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Jewel Marceau shows genuine female ejaculation ... not big gushing squirts, but just a nice trickle when she orgasms.

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